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A world tour with 11 types of bread

by Marie

Bread is the most widespread food around the world. It has been, for billions of years, a central element of our diet.


Savored at breakfast with some jam, at lunch with cold cuts or at dinner, as a side dish, bread is served at all hours of the day in all kinds of ways.

There are multiple ways to make bread. This staple can be boiled, fried, baked, toasted, etc. It adopts all kinds of shapes (flat, long, round, etc.) and it is prepared with all sorts of wheat, cereals and others.There are hundreds of types of bread around the world. We present you with 11 of them; some are very popular, while others are more surprising.


1. Bagels (Poland)

The traditional bagel is first poached in water, before being baked in the oven. This bread from Poland has now spread to many countries, including Canada and the United States where it has become a must.


2. Baguette (France)

With its golden and crunchy crust and its cream-colored and mellow crumb, the french baguette has become an iconic food of French cuisine. Approximatively 80 % of bread sold in France are baguettes.


3. Naan Bread (India)

This popular flat-leavened bread is mostly baked in central and south-east Asia. Naan bread is traditionally prepared with a good quantity of yogurt, making smooth and elastic dough, before being baked in a tandoor oven, brushed with ghee or butter and served hot.

4. Focaccia (Italy)

This thick Italian flatbread is traditionally baked with high gluten flour, salt and olive oil, accompanied with mixed herbs and other ingredients, such as onions or olives. Mostly used as a pizza base, focaccia is also often served as a side dish or even as sandwich bread.

5. Tortilla (Mexico)

Tortilla is a type of flatbread extremely thin made with corn or wheat flour. It is a key element of multiple Mexican dishes, such as tacos, enchiladas and burritos.


6. English Muffin (United Kingdom)

Small, round and flat leaved type of bread, English muffins are, as their name says, originally from the United Kingdom. Few decades ago, these breads were served to bourgeois at tea time as an accompaniment to famous Earl Grey. These days, it is mostly served at breakfast with eggs, cheese and bacon.

7. Pumpernickel (Germany)

From Germany, this bread rich in fibers has a unique taste and is now widespread around the world. Combining rye flour and wheat flour, pumpernickel bread is characterized by its dark and compact crumb.

8. Challah (Israël)

Challah is traditionally served during Sabbath and other religious events commemorating the manna that fell from heaven to feed Jews leaving for Egypt. It is slightly sweetened and baked until golden.


9. Frybread (United States of America)

Frybread is an American type of bread with a slightly controversial story, since its first apparition was while native Americans were relocated in reservations where they were served flour, sugar and lards. These three ingredients provoked the birth of this unique fried flatbread.

10. Pão de Queijo (Brasil)

Orginally from Brasil, these small cheese bread savored at breakfast are very popular in South America. Gluten free, these special breads are prepared with corn or tapioca flour.


11. Pan de Muertos (Mexico)

This Mexican bun dusted with sugar, flavored with anis or with orange blossom and often decorated with skulls and crossbones and served at All Souls' Day to honor the departed loved one. It is left as an offering at their grave.



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