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Why create a circle?

Free Language stays for children of employees

By creating a TalkTalkBnb private circle dedicated to your company and all its offices worldwide*, your employees can connect and propose language and culture exchanges for their children. For FREE!

For example
Mr Martin from Marketing at the Paris office of a large company can send hhis daughter for 10 days to England to stay with his colleague, Mrs Taylor, or vice versa.

• Free in comparison to the average cost of a week-long language stay (1000/1500€)
• Peace of mind : It is naturally safer to send your children to stay with colleagues than sending them to someone you don't know.

*or at least those that wish to take part in the program.

For children of employees who are students

For children of employees who are students, finding accommodation abroad for an internship, studies or summer job can be complicated and costly.

Within your circle, it's very easy to find a family willing to host travelers to practice their language skills.
This is our core concept: “I will graciously be a host in exchange for practicing a language with a native speaker.”

It's simple, collaborative and friendly!

• Employees can practice the language of their choice, in their own home, with student guests who are native speakers
• Their improved language competency is beneficial for the company
• Employees don't have to spend a dime either to practice language or to find lodging for their children, thanks to the company circle.

Step into my shoes as an employee

Our service also allows employees to job swap with a colleague abroad, for a few days or weeks.

  • Be immersed in a different work environment.
  • Meet other Group employees.
  • Discover different business practices and be exposed to new ideas.
  • Improve language skills, including company terminology. 

Lower your travel expenses

Your private circle on TalkTalkBnb is dedicated to your company and all its offices worldwide, for your employees around the globe.

For business trips, team members can find accommodation with colleagues instead of in a hotel, thus saving your company a substantial sum in travel expenses.
In return, the company can give a portion of the savings to its employees that participate in the program as a bonus.

In addition, even team members who do not travel can participate. They can host colleagues regularly and receive their bonus.

• development of your corporate culture on an international level = team building
• employees can augment their language skills with professional vocabulary = perfect language skills
• employees appreciate meeting each other and receiving bonuses = less turnover

The company saves money, and substantially benefits from a more unified and language-competent personnel.


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