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26 anos

Viena, Áustria

Língua materna: Alemão

Quer praticar: Italiano, Inglês

Quer viajar para: Itália, Holanda, Nova Zelândia

Sobre Linda

I’m 24, student of German Studies and I work as a German Trainer for expats in Vienna.

I’d love to get to know new languages, especially Italian right now since I wanna improve my talking/writing skills.

I live in a shared flat with 2 other women and we love our little family.
We cook, talk and have great evening get-togethers.

My hobbies include meeting friends and watching movies as well as cooking & baking, drawing and reading. Movies and pop culture are a big part of my life and I love talking about new series (esp. if they’re a bit trashy). Right now I am utterly in love with 'Call me by your name', both with the movie adaption by Luca Guadagnino and the book by André Aciman. Although I have to say the movie is just heaven - set in Italy in the 1980's. Wow!

As much as fiction means a lot to me, I love talking about the current political/economic situation, locally and globally. So if you are interested in that as well and wanna tell me more about the situation in your country, I'd be happy to learn more about your country!

Love to meet new openminded people!

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Itália, Holanda, Nova Zelândia

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I wanna get to know the Italian culture more. I've only been to some towns north of Ancona and I plan on visiting more places and meeting people. So if you wanna get to know an Austrian and improve your German, I'll be happy to help you :)