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22 anos

Adelaide, Austrália

Língua materna: Inglês

Quer viajar para: França, Espanha, Alemanha, Amesterdão, Itália

Sobre Jake

Hey hey, I’m a 19 year old Australian traveller who has taken some personal time to discover a bit more about the world I live in! I’m a bartender back home and have been for little over a year now (I make the best Espresso martini’s ;). I would love the opportunity to develop my language skills whilst discovering a completely different environment

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França, Espanha, Alemanha, Amesterdão, Itália

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Sou flexível, pergunte-me

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I am fairly new to travelling, I have done a few solo trips around Australia for weeks on my own and a few seldom Bali trips. Each holiday I have been on has given me a better insight into my own independence and tendency to create fun as I tend to have the best time with people I have just met! the world is to big not to try and see :)