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53 anos

Atenas, Grécia

Língua materna: Grego

Quer viajar para: Brasil, Belize, Panamá

Sobre Periklis

IMHO, Jobs are meant to be part of self discovery while exchanging whatever we exchange with others.
BSc Production Engineering and Management-Greece, MSc Manufacturing Systems Engineering-UK,
Sales rep, Maintenance Eng., Housekeeper, Quality consultant, Interpreter, Researcher, Commodity negotiator, Online trader, Self development, Practical philosopher ie., whatever works-that is the best!!, Mind bender, Traveler, Computer, IT and Internet fluent on multiple areas, walking, trekking, swimming-diving-snorkeling, padi-diving, dinning, meditating, conscious living, reading, gardening, music-play the piano a bit, scratch a guitar, play percussion..... at past times i was involved in multiple activities .... martial arts, dancing, football, rock climbing, off road motorcycling, tennis, table tennis, volley, chess, board games, volunteering, alternative therapies,massage,healing etc.

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Brasil, Belize, Panamá

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I am a relatively slow pace traveler ..... especially for most costly and far away voyages I would go for at least 3 months roughly up to a couple or even more years depending on the situation, it is negotiable of course while being open to project and work suggestions as well! I am single and I have a debt free house base here in my home country so I can be relatively flexible! I enjoy to mingle with the locals, learn new things, relive the juicy ones, exchange cultural and life experiences and information! I first of all respect the vital space of others, that is important to mention since I have done extensive traveling,backpacking and I know the process ! You will see photos of my travels on my Facebook as well as if you google my name you will find some online presence!