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32 anos

Santiago do Chile, Chile

Língua materna: Espanhol

Quer viajar para: Austrália, Perth

Sobre Christopher

I like travelling a lot, i'm always open to meet new people and share experiences. I would consider myself an open-mind kind of a guy, really keen to learn new stuff and discover other cultures. I've been learning french last year in France, I learned a bit Portuguese back in uni (so I kinda forgot that) and now i started realizing how much i like german so i would like to give that a try :D and I'm happy to share my spanish too !

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Austrália, Perth

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Sou flexível, pergunte-me

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I will be doing my 2nd year visa in Australia starting on August 2019, in Perth. I really enjoy beach atmosphere and sunlight! Really interested in meeting new people in the way and practice some languages :)