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21 anos

Frankfurt am Main, Alemanha

Língua materna: Inglês, Árabe

Quer praticar: Espanhol

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Sobre Lamar

I adore hosting different people,cultures,languages,life and of course traveling!

And I believe this platform is more than a website, its a school where you improve your self as person,and you learn a life skills like traveling solo,love and trust people regardless where are they from

I'm a cultural exchange language student in Germany, I am doing German course and I can speak some Spanish,French,Italian , a bit Turkish and Arabic!

I do love my origins and I always try to honor them feeding whomever crosses my path! 😁

I'm a huge culture vulture and enjoy traveling around the world. I'm a great fan of sports,hiking and fitness
On the cold, rainy days, good tea and books are my guilty pleasures.

I got to know TalkTalk bnb thanks to my English Language high school teacher. I was super fascinated by the idea of meeting people,share stories and live as a native of the places you visit, but unfortunately none of my friends were ever up for trying something exciting and out of their comfort zones. So here I am ,on my own ,open to any new thrilling experience!

* I would prefer to host solo female travelers, and get hosted by female or family

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