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Go work in Canada !

a 16 nov.por Hubert Laurent

Dreaming of moving to Canada ?  

It's now or never. The country of the maple leaf plans to recruit nearly a million foreign workers by 2020. The goal is to promote economic growth and meet the needs of Canadian businesses looking for skilled people.  

A wide range of industries are involved : Hi-tech, digital, personal services, banking and financial services, education, construction, hotels and restaurants, engineering, film animation, and more...  

The plans are for three waves of immigration : 310,000 foreigners to obtain permanent residency in 2018, then 330,000 in 2019, and 340,000 in 2020.

But watch out, before heading across the Atlantic, you need to meet certain criteria.  

And you need to be patient because the process is very selective. Canada is looking for talent, i.e., people whose skills and training will make a "positive impact" on the country's economy.

It is also a way for the authorities to ensure successful integration. 

Good luck to everyone applying !

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