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64 anni

Germering, Germania

Lingua madre: Tedesco

Mi piacerebbe praticare: Greco, Spagnolo, Francese, Persiano

Destinazioni ricercate: Praga, Amsterdam, Teheran, Yazd

In merito a Regine

I'm a pharmacist, but my focus lies on alternative medicine like homoeopathy or herbal medicine or Schuessler salts. Besides that I'm doing spiritual"work" like leading meditations, channeling, giving sessions with energetic healing. I absolutely adore being in the countryside and above all spending time in my garden, which is a little paradise, at least for me.
Learning languages is one of my hobbies, in the moment I focus on Persian (Farsi) and Greek. I would like to travel to Iran next year.
And please note, I don't answer to messages that just say "hello, bonjour" or whatever like this. If you contact me, tell me what you want!

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Praga, Amsterdam, Teheran, Yazd

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For holidays Peru has been on my dreamlist since my youth and I enjoyed it very much. Now my next adventure will probably be Iran. And I always love to meet (above all spiritual) people from all over the world. I also love to practice my foreign languages, above all Spanish and Greek and my first words in Farsi.