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18 anni

Avellino, Italia

Lingua madre: Italiano

Mi piacerebbe praticare: Inglese, Arabo

Destinazioni ricercate: Stati Uniti, Regno Unito, Egitto

In merito a Daphne

I am a student of psychology and economics, I like to dance, paint and love animals. I have a farm with horses, pigs, goats and alpacas to do pet therapy with people who are not very well :) I want to learn languages ​​well become a cultural mediator and help others, I hope you can help me :)

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Stati Uniti, Regno Unito, Egitto

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trip especially because it makes me happy, I think the trip makes us free. I always try to make three trips a year but unfortunately it is very difficult because they cost a lot. this solution is very coll and i love learn new cultures and languages:)