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27 anni

Agios Dimitrios, Grecia

Lingua madre: Greco

Mi piacerebbe praticare: Spagnolo, Inglese, Tedesco

Destinazioni ricercate: Praga, Isola di Man, Bucarest

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I work as a Digital Marketing Manager and I am still studying Digital Systems at the University of Piraeus.

I live in Athens since I was born.

I don't think that it's the best city in the world, but Greece in general has something unique.

My hobbies are: photography, soccer, and traveling of course.

I have studied English and German, but I can speak only English which I use almost daily. My German sucks. I've learned a little Spanish too, just by visiting Granada, Spain, where some friends of mine were Erasmus there.

So I guess getting to know a language requires having conversations with it.

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Praga, Isola di Man, Bucarest

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I travel mostly for pleasure. I am very passionate about traveling and learning about other cultures. I try to travel several times a year for five to seven days at a time to countries I have never been. I think that staying with locals in their home is far better than going to a hotel.