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Where can I celebrate New Year’s Eve in Europe on a budget?

il 12 dic.da Camille

Christmas is coming and New Year’s is close behind ! Sometimes we don’t plan much where to celebrate New Year’s. Want to do something exciting this year ? Have a mind to see how other countries celebrate ? How about Europe ?

Good news ! Read on to discover some amazing European cities where you can party in the new year without breaking your budget ! Now all you have to do is choose...

1 – Amsterdam
You’ve probably already heard that one of the best European cities to visit is Amsterdam. The downtown area has an active nightlife and is the perfect place for a midnight celebration ! You’ll be ringing in the new year with people from all around the world. To get a good view of the fireworks, head to Nieuwmarkt, Leidseplein et Rembrandtplein !

2 – Brussels
A beautiful city for both Christmas and New Year’s celebrations ! The one spot you must not miss  : Grand Place. Everyone will be there to admire the fireworks. Afterward, find your way to the Belgian bars, clubs- or just dance in the street !

3 – Budapest
Marvel at one of the most beautiful and least expensive European capitals ! Restaurants and bars are very affordable here. The holidays are a perfect time to discover this city while out with some friends. Plus, if you plan your trip in advance, even your flight will be quite affordable.

4 – Krakow
Head to Krakow, the cultural and student town of Poland. Don’t worry about the cold; you’ll warm right up in the bars with other New Year’s revelers ! Krakow is a cheap city for food and drink, and the flights to get there aren’t too bad either.

5 – Lisbon
If you’re looking for somewhere warmer to celebrate, set your sights on the Portuguese capital ! Many free events are organized all day long on New Year’s Eve, so you’ll save a lot of money while ringing in the New Year in style !

6 – Berlin
Or try Berlin, the most “underground” city of Europe. This is one of the most interesting cities for young people. To party all night long, many clubs, cafés and bars will offer you ther perfect underground atmosphere. What’s more, Germany offers some of the best beers of Europe. It’s only a bit more expensive than the other destinations on our list, but it will definitely make your New Year’s celebration unforgettable- maybe you’ll still be thinking about it the year after !

7 – Prague
The beautiful capital of the Czech Republic is a snowy wonderland at the year’s end. Prague is a romantic city, but has a particular character at night : inexpensive drinks and crazy clubs, like the famous “Karlovy lázně.” Admire the fireworks from the bridges over the Vltava.

8 – Zagreb
Perhaps not many of us would think of Croatia as a party destination. But we would be mistaken ! Zagreb has quite a reputation for its party, with its clubs and night bars. And the food and drink is quite cheap.

9 – Belgrade
How about the city with the most lively nightlife in Europe ! Belgrade is very cheap, so take a few drinks in one of the city’s riverboat nightclubs and party down the Danube. And thanks to certain low-cost travel deals, you can get there without breaking the bank.

Have you made your choice ?
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