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TalkTalkBnb and the Adventurers

il 20 gen.da Camille

TalkTalkBnb has partnered with Justine, a young blogger who is traveling the world with her companion Vincent, and who is supporting the organization “Les Blouses Roses” (Pink Shirts).

Justine and Vincent, nicknamed “Les Baroudeurs” (The Adventurers), have been traveling the world for a year and a half now. Recently, their travels took a special turn: Justine decided to work with “Les Blouses Roses,” an organization which supports hospitalized children.
With her videos, she entertains the children, who may never have the chance to explore other countries. Their trip began in Southeast Asia, passing through Thailand and Laos.

“My name is Justine, I'm 25 years old. My great dream, my great passion has always been travel! So I decided to take the leap (with my companion Vincent) by starting on an adventure in March 2015, and I haven't even looked back.
I've had the opportunity to visit Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Australia, the Philippines, Laos and Taiwan, where I am a French teacher.

This year and a half has been rich and emotional, with both marvelous and difficult moments, laughter and tears, new encounters and lessons learned...
We have tried various methods of travel: hotels, Helpx (lodging and meals in exchange for labor), house-sitting, camping, backpacking, renting an apartment, apartment-sharing... And for transport: hitch-hiking (almost 10 000 km in total), bus, plane, boat, bikes, tandem bikes, scooters... .
I now wish to share my travels with you through my videos, in partnership with "les Blouses Roses," who are doing excellent work with sick children, and TalkTalkBnb, which is an excellent way to travel by meeting new people and engaging in friendly conversations in your native language.
I can't wait to take you with me in my journeys and to help you discover the wonders of our planet ;)”.

You can follow Justine and Vincent's adventures on their page and soon you can watch their videos on their Youtube channel.

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