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62 anni

Correggio, Italia

Lingua madre: Italiano

Mi piacerebbe praticare: Portoghese, Spagnolo, Francese

Destinazioni ricercate: Portogallo, Spagna, Francia

In merito a Joe

I have been a techer of English for about twenty years and I have worked in four different European countries such as Spain, Italy, Poland and Russia.
I love travelling, reading, swimming and trekking. I love learning new languages and meeting people from different cultures. Inthe last four summers, since 2013, I have done "workaway" mainly in France but also in Wales and I have enjoyed it a lot. I am thinking about doing some volunteer work ( as a tacher of English of course) in the future and, at the moment, I am really interested in starting this TalkTalkBnB opportunity which I consider a great thing.

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Portogallo, Spagna, Francia

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I am moving to Sardinia on December 17th, 2016.