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Londres, Royaume-Uni

Langue maternelle : Polonais

Contacter Bartosz

Souhaite voyager à : Thaïlande, Cambodge, Birmanie

Inscrit depuis : 06/09/2016

n° A016217
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31 ans
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"You are unlimited." – Yogi tea tag.

For years I’d been vagabond­ing around the most remote places in Europe—sleep­ing on the ground, med­i­tat­ing on moun­tain­tops, and hiking up every obscure, back-of-beyond trail I could find. By the time I started writ­ing epic, 17-page-long stories about my adven­tures in my journal, I knew the world was my back­yard. With­out real­iz­ing it, I was lay­ing the ground­work for my future.

In 2011 I found DEFUZE magazine, a collaborative, quarterly art and fashion photography publication featuring young talent alongside established professionals. Having studied printing and preparation process in college, I felt like I was finally putting my skills and knowledge to the test. I have always enjoyed the creative process of playing with words and images, and I had always wanted to run a successful magazine.

My interest in fashion had somewhat faded away when I realized that it's not manufactured clothes and pretty faces that I love and care about, but people, places, and real-life situations. That, eventually, led me to journalism, which I am currently studying at the College of Media and Publishing, reportage photography, and documentary filmmaking.

In 2014 I packed my backpack to the gills—virtually carried my home with me—and flew to Iceland where I walked for over 150 miles in nearly two weeks. I wild-camped and deliberately subjected myself to almost absolute solitude so that I was able to reconnect with the true purpose of my life that is traveling.

Besides journalism, I'm currently studying Animal Behaviour and Welfare at The University of Edinburgh. I also love to write and practice my Chinese whenever I can; though, it's harder than I was promised it to be—seriously. Additionally, I got a Master Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and a Writing Specialization Certificate in Academic English from The University of California.

Mon projet de voyage

2 personnes

December 2016 – April 2017

Along with my partner, I'm working on a documentary. We will be recording this exciting journey in pictures and on a video, regularly sharing my experiences and stories on my website ( as well as our social media. We are planning to depart in late December, and the trip could take us several months. We haven’t decided on our first destination yet; it depends on the costs of flights. We would definitely want to go to Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Hopefully, we can see all these (and more) wonderful countries. We are planning to spend as little money as possible; therefore, we will mostly be hitch-hiking, cycling, commuting on public transport, walking, and only flying when absolutely necessary.

Je peux proposer en plus :

I would love to take photos of you, your family, and your day-to-day life—I am a professional, experienced, and certified photographer (Michigan State University).

I was told I can cook well—I am vegan, but I think you might like my food. I also have a certificate in Food and Health from Stanford University.

I can design a website for you—I have already created a bunch of sites for my friends as well as run and develop my own website at

We can do yoga or meditate together—I am a certified mindfulness teacher.

We can go hiking, bouldering, parkour, or play some tennis—I love physical activities, nature, and seeing new places.

I can help you with shopping and cleaning, too—I like to keep my place tidy; also, I am a very money and environment-conscious consumer.