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20 ans

San Francisco, États-Unis

Langue maternelle : Anglais

Destination(s) recherchée(s) : Italie, France, Nouvelle-Zélande

A propos de Ella

I recently graduated High School, and will be attending a local Junior College this semester.
I have lived in Sonoma County, California my whole life, I love it but I'm ready to travel more and explore the world.
I have played sports for most of life and love the outdoors.
I am interested in learning about new cultures and traditions, and living in places like a local not a tourist. If that makes any sense.

Mon projet de voyage

Destination(s) recherchée(s) :

Italie, France, Nouvelle-Zélande

Nombre de voyageurs

1 personne

Périodes de voyage

Je suis flexible, demandez moi

Contexte du voyage

The last time I traveled I was with a group, and it was all about going to museums and very tourist like activities, which I liked I just wish I could do things a local would do. I want to experience daily activities and traditions or holidays a local might have. I am happy to help with English learners of all ages. Staying with a family is way better than a hotel in my mind.