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23 ans

Toronto, Canada

Langue maternelle : Anglais

Destination(s) recherchée(s) : France, Italie, Espagne, Belgique, Royaume-Uni

A propos de Andrea

Hello! Salut! Cześć! We are a Canadian couple who love to travel and explore. We speak three languages between us: English, French and Polish.

We have an active lifestyle as cyclists, rock-climbers and hikers.

Andrea is a kind-hearted and passionate French and History High School Teacher (in possession of a recent Police Check & Vulnerable Sectors) who believes that nature and dramaturgy can improve the behaviour, engagement and academic performance of her students. At the age of eighteen, she started an internationally successful travel blog that afforded her the opportunity to travel around Europe and South America as a digital journalist. Now she's focused on graduating Teacher's College with Honours, while working as an independent care giver and receptionist at her university's athletic club.

Marcin is a creative and outgoing advertising professional who works remotely assisting startups and established businesses with web content and digital marketing. He launched the Queen's University Bike Shop in 2010: a basic repair shop for bikes and boards that also promotes sustainability through its internal operations and community outreach programming.

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Français :

Mon projet de voyage

Destination(s) recherchée(s) :

France, Italie, Espagne, Belgique, Royaume-Uni

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Contexte du voyage

We are always looking for the next great adventure, and prefer to travel slowly. Andrea has Couchsurfed a few times ( which has been a valuable source for new friends and authentic cultural experiences. We are attracted to the deeper connections and language practice TalkBnB affords! We are looking to travel to Europe, Northern Africa and maybe the Middle East with open plans between April 2019 and September 2019.