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Meet TalkTalkBnb's Asia Ambassadors

par Marie

Fancy a trip to Asia, but can’t leave at the moment ? Don’t worry, TalkTalkBnb is always by your side, and we will help you travel without having to lift a finger.

As you already know, we announced the names of the first TalkTalkers who will travel as official TalkTalkBnb Travel Ambassadors. It is now time to meet them ! Today, we are delighted to present our Asia ambassadors.

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Please head to the TalkTalkBnb gate, your flight to Asia is about to take off. 

Celia and Alison

Celia and Alison hail from the country of France. After they graduate later this month, and before taking the plunge into professional careers, they are planning to do what they like most : travel together.

As they both have had the chance to travel a lot since their childhood, they are now passionate about cultures, languages and new experiences.

Alison is studying Foreign Languages. She loves horseriding, being outdoors, sports and food. Her greatest travel experience so far was staying in South Korea as an exchange student. It was her first time traveling that far from France on her own.

Celia speaks French, English, Spanish, Korean and Indonesian ! Her first traveling experience on her own was her exchange in the Netherlands. She then left for Malaysia, where she learned a lot about herself and became aware of what she truly wants in life. During her studies, she had the opportunity to intern with companies in South Korea and Germany.

Celia and Alison share the same passion for Asia and they want to experience a “life-changing trip”. With TalkTalkBnb, they will be traveling back to South Korea, in mid-January.

Caro and Aymeric

Caro and Aymeric – or El Color del Camaleon – are leaving for a world tour on the 22nd of September, starting with Japan ! Caro is from Colombia and Aymeric from France. Together, they decided to quit their jobs to go and explore Asia, North America, then Central and South America.

The couple fluently speak English, Spanish, French and Italian – we can easily say that they are ready to take over the world ! They enjoy sports, cooking and eating, but also photography and exploring.

During their trip, they want to be as "local" as possible. They truly embody the spirit of TalkTalkBnb : in exchange for accommodation, they are not only offering to teach their host Spanish and French, but also to give them dancing classes, to look after children, and even to help with house keeping and gardening !

To not miss a minute of their adventure, you can follow them on TalkTalkBnb’s pages, but also on theirs :     

Blog :

Facebook page : https ://

Instagram : @elcolordelcamaleon

Better yet, meet Caro and Aymeric on Youtube!

Are you ready to leave with them ?

Richard and Jonathan

Do you like kittens and having fun ? Then don’t miss meeting Richard and Jonathan !

After studies in Digital Communication, these two French men decided not to directly dive into the “adult world” but rather to live the dream and travel around the world.

Their itinerary includes : Argentina / Ecuador / Peru / Bolivia / Chile / New-Zealand / Australia / Indonesia / Singapore / Malaysia / Thailand / Cambodia / Laos / Vietnam / Hong Kong / Japan

They will promote TalkTalkBnb at the end of their trip, in Hong Kong and Japan, but hopefully we will be able to follow their incredible adventure from the beginning of the trip !

Their motto during this adventure is FREEDOM. They want to experience a new way of life for a year and get out of their comfort zone.

Richard loves eating Coco Pops, listening to Bon Iver and praises his god Louis C.K. Jo loves independent movies and dancing to bachata music, and makes sure to eat 6 fruits and vegetables a day.

When asked to describe themselves, we were mesmerised by their answer and just had to share it with you : “We don’t travel because we can, but because we need to. Why ? Well, to fully answer that question, we have to go back to 125,000 years ago and the invention of fire by early humans. It was a turning point in evolution, as fire permitted warmth and protection... but I digress. Where was I ? Right- basically, we truly believe a country is only as good as its people, so we’re leaving to make sense of it all, to discover ourselves through others.”

You’ll be able to follow this two "affreux jojos" as they like to be called, on TalkTalkBnb’s pages and on theirs. We will make sure to share their social pages as soon as they leave !

Funny fellas, eh ? We can’t wait to follow them during their trip.

For a sneak peek, here is a picture of them during their last exploration on Mars.

Les Gros Sacs

Now it's time to meet Les Gros Sacs (The Big Backpacks) –Anaïs and Florent – who are already on the road !

This French couple is, in their words, in love with the idea of traveling, but also simply in love ! They’ve decided to leave everything behind to go and explore the world. They will live their dream for at least a year and hopefully more. Together, they speak French, Spanish, Italian and German.

They left on the 1st of September for Sri Lanka. Next, they will be heading to Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico ! What a journey ! 

But don’t worry, you’ll be able to follow them everywhere on our media and on their pages :

Their blog : http ://

Their Facebook : https ://

Their Instagram : https ://

They will shoot their adventure with camera and their GoPro, and they are ready to share the entire trip with the TalkTalkBnb community.

They truly love authentic travel. Their best memories are from Malaysia : Florent enjoyed playing football with the local kids the most, and Anaïs loved fishing with them after the game.

We can’t wait to experience making new memories with them !

Sophie and Célestine

Last but not least, let’s meet Sophie and Célestine, who are leaving in October !

Sophie has been a professional volleyball player for 7 years, while Célestine works as a chef in a Crêperie.

They’ve decided to put their careers on hold for a while in order to explore to wild world.

They’re looking to discover other countries’ culinary, cultural and spiritual traditions. Indeed, when they return home in a year, they would like to create a space where people can meet, exchange and eat some delicious meals from Brittany, but with an international garnish !

The couple has been together for 6 years, during which they’ve traveled a lot. They can’t wait to put on their backpacks and to hit the road again.

They really share TalkTalkBnb’s values and want to meet as many locals as possible to live authentic experiences.

We are looking forward to following their adventure on their blog, which is coming soon !

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