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Chee Mei

28 años

Ipoh, Malasia

Lengua materna: Chino

Quiere viajar a: Barcelona

Acerca de Chee Mei

Outgoing, Sociable, warm, friendly & in the midst of finishing degree. Received an offer to intern in Barcelona, Spain. Love Music, dance & some Sweat(exp: gym). A passionate person, Animal lover(esp: Puppy). Neat, organized and spontaneous as well haha.. I have an expressive & animated personality too xD 5'1 tall, Love to learn new languages, visit new places, get new exposure & gain new cultural experiences.. Last but not least, I would love to meet people from all around the globe xD

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Soy flexible, pregúnteme

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For internship in a preschool, Barcelona. Visit, sightseeing around Europe =D