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26 años

Ciudad Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Lengua materna: Vietnamita

Quiere practicar: Francés, Español, Tailandés

Quiere viajar a: Tailandia, Francia, España

Acerca de Lavender

A young Asian girl with the dream to see the world.

I loving reading, doing sports, cooking, and singing (esp French songs). I like hosting people a lot because i believe that everybody has their own stories, and they represent their countries where i have never had chance to put the foot on.

For me, traveling is not about forcing myself going the famous places or the places that people recommend to go. If preferring waking up a bit late on the bed to read a book, I will stay in the bed to read that book instead of forcing myself to do the things that make me feel uncomfortable.
And, travelling is not about where to go, it is about who to go with.

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Tailandia, Francia, España

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