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24 años

Chandigarh, India

Lengua materna: Hindi

Quiere practicar: Japonés, Español, Francés

Quiere viajar a: Japón, Rusia, Brasil, Venezuela

Acerca de Piyush

"Travel is the only thing which you buy makes you richer." Hello fellow travel buddies out there, My name is Piyush. I feel that life is too short to think about the grievances, absurdness. My sole motto is "One Life, Feel It." In this beautiful journey called "Life," I would be happy to meet you people and explore various cultures around the globe. So, let's catch up soon :D

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2 personas algunos periodos, pregúnteme

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3 adultos / 1 niño

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Japón, Rusia, Brasil, Venezuela

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Well, my travel plans are always impromptu and even I don't know when and where I will travel. However, If I'll be staying with a local, I'll definitely inform him/her a week before to avoid any inconvenient circumstances.