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22 años

São Paulo, Brasil

Lengua materna: Portugués

Quiere viajar a: Amsterdam

Acerca de Juliana

Hey there! I'm a simple backpacker discovering the world by myself. I supposed to travel during only 3 months, but now I'm almost one and a half year on the road and I still don't have a date to back home! I have a family waiting for me, they are my parents, younger brother, my dog and my cat. We talk to each other every day and it helps me to support our long distance. I'm surviving just trusting in a good humanity and universe. In the same time than people help me, I don't mind for luxury, so I have so many funny stories to tell to my future children. It goes around to meet new people and places, enjoy parties or just chilly in some moments. I never know my next destination, I'm just living the moment and praying to stay alive until the end of my crazy trip!

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I'm intending to spend the summer in Amsterdam and then go to study in Ireland.