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43 años

Torres, Brasil

Lengua materna: Portugués

Quiere practicar: Inglés

Quiere viajar a: Estados Unidos, Phoenix

Acerca de Emiliano

I’ve questioned my life style for the past five years. I had a stable job, working for the Brazilian government with an ok salary – a quite common life. Some events made me change my mind and I put into practice things that I’d been dreaming of for quite some time. In 2018, I decided to take a sabbatical and I moved to the beach. I then started to host people through Couchsurfing. Hosting people was life-changing. I got to know some incredible people whose life styles inspired me. Some of them were hitchhiking, others were seeing the world in from their bikes, some were traveling until their money was over, others were simply on vacation. They all had in common the same goal: to meet people, to see places, to have new experiences, to dare the unknown. These people were my ultimate motivation to quit my job and try out a more adventurous life, one that didn’t include an office and a set timetable. So, in 2019 I started my trip!

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Estados Unidos, Phoenix

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I'll have a wedding party in Phoenix and after that I plan to spend some days traveling around US.