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52 años

Estambul, Turquía

Lengua materna: Turco

Quiere practicar: Inglés

Quiere viajar a: Barcelona, Nairobi, Novosibirsk

Acerca de Aziz

I was born and life in İstanbul-Turkish. Im restorer but I retired before two last year.. I am a sociable, friendly and an easygoing person.. Also i am really interested in different cultures music, folk dances, treking nature camp and food traditions.. I m single man and I have doughter.

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Barcelona, Nairobi, Novosibirsk

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I am very passionate about travelling and learning about other cultures. I love to get lost in museums and expositions. I try to travel several times a year for ten days at a time to countries I have never been. I think that staying with locals in their home is far better than going to a hotel. I will be happy to help children and adults speak my language.