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57 años

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lengua materna: Español

Quiere practicar: Inglés

Acerca de Rita

There are three of us in our family, Rita, Armando and our son Marcos. We work in our own language academy called "Sungate School of English" where we teach English, Portuguese and Italian. Our idea is to find an English-speaking boy or girl between 18 and 24 years old who could stay with us between 2 and 4 months (could be somebody from Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Canada, South Africa) This person should collaborate with the English classes as an English language facilitator from Monday to Friday between 20 and 25 hours weekly, together with the teachers in the academy. Music, games, drama, debates, conversation classes, using a projector with a big screen, are the elements that we use to encourage students to learn English and to make them feel more at ease when they should communicate. We offer the native speaker a private room, with bathroom, kitchen and Wi-Fi on the second floor of our building, daily meals, and Spanish lessons. Also, they would be able to share outings with our students and visit different touristic and cultural places in Buenos Aires and Córdoba. It's very important for the foreign student to have a positive attitude towards the students in the academy and be very active and friendly. There should be empathy between the native speaker and the students as that will help them to have a better relationship and students will feel confident when sharing activities with the facilitator. It's an excellent opportunity to get the experience of a different culture, and sharing activities with people the same age. We have been working with facillitators for seven years. Two Irish people from Limmerick, a girl from Manchester, England, and two girls from Maryland USA, have already joined us. They really enjoyed working with us. After 4 months they had improved their Spanish, made a lot of friends and learned about our culture. They will be welcome !!!

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