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21 years old

Cologne, Germany

Mother tongue: German

About Paula

My name is Paula, I`m 21years young and I am studying Psychology when I am not traveling the world 😊
I was infected with the traveling fever first time when going abroad during school to Russia for one year. Since then I learned how to use my free days in year wisely for traveling and getting to know others people way of living. I am a person with millions of interests: big essential fields include music, nature, culture, literature and bicycles (especially foldable ones). That should be enough for the moment as I don’t want to frighten you with a 300pager

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My travel plans

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Warsaw, Vilnius, Riga, Moscow, Irkutsk

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Travel context

I want to travel from Germany to Japan by train, as I will do an ecological project on a farm there. During my travel I will discover the question of what makes people honestly happy around the world. And I will write a report on that.