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51 years old

Thessaloniki, Greece

Mother tongue: Greek

Wants to practice: English, Spanish

Destinations searched: Paris

About Panos

I live for travel and experiences.
I love to host and meet people. I am very easygoing, polite, respectful and usually happy and crazy flying mind person.
My English is not the best but you are here to help me improve. When I was younger used to be a very adventurous person and adrenalin hunter.
I love extreme activities, served to army paratroopers special forces, was aerobics instructor and martial arts trainer for more 15 years.
Now I have to calm and turn page in my life. After my hip total replacement operation and becos the move problems my body have change to big and can't follow my mind any more.
That feels depressed but that's life.

Other language(s) spoken

English :

Some details about our home

To improve my language skills, I can host

3 people certain periods, ask me

My household

2 adults

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2 people

Travel periods

I'm flexible, ask me

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Live for see the world