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32 years old

Asnières-sur-Seine, France

Mother tongue: Arabic

Wants to practice: Spanish, Italian, Chinese

Destinations searched: Colombia, Italy, Serbia

About Samy

I am an ERP Technical consultant (I code!) near Paris
Passionate about traveling, learn new cultures/languague and playing/listening to music :)
I am Moroccan and been living in France for over 8 years. Lived in China for about 8 months and London 3 months.
I enjoy meeting new people and learn about their stories

Facebook and Couchsurfing : search "moroccanroll"

Other language(s) spoken

French :

English :

Chinese :

Italian :

Spanish :

Some details about our home

To improve my language skills, I can host

1 person certain periods, ask me

Sleeping space offered

Shared bedroom


My household

1 adult

Food preferences


I eat everything

What we like to do as a family

Sport outings

Cinema, theatre

Watch TV

I can offer



Tourist tips



My travel plans

Destinations searched:

Colombia, Italy, Serbia

Number of travellers

1 person

Travel periods

I'm flexible, ask me

I can offer

Typical dish of my country


Introduction to a musical instrument

Travel context

I believe that by traveling we learn lessons that can't be thaught otherwise!