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30 years old

Lausanne, Switzerland

Mother tongue: Italian

Wants to practice: English, German, French

Destinations searched: Berlin

About Alexa

Hi folks,

What’s up ?

At the moment I live in Switzerland, close to the Geneva lake and I’m working as a multilingual secretary in a little company. Well, maybe it’s not the most welcoming country but Swiss people can be very good friends and I do recommend to pop round (if you like cheese, chocolate, good watches, the mountains, taking a stroll around small typical villages and the sunshine on the lake ;) ).

I attended University in the North of Italy and in France, Chambéry and then I had the great opportunity to work and live in Dublin for six months where I met awesome and warm people from different countries and visited the North, West and East of the Island. I can say I left my heart there ;)

If you want to visit some places around here you are welcome to come, I share a small flat with a friend but the coach is big and very comfortable !!!

I’m 25, I’m open minded, I like to travel and to discover new cultures and traditions and love having people from different countries around and talk different languages. People can make any place come alive you know ;) I’ve always traveled to visit my family in France, Italy and Ireland so my bags are always ready for a new trip abroad, who knows where ? ;)

My hobbies? Reading, writing, teaching languages to both young and grown-up people, doing sports, going to the movies, theater, plays, pub crawl, drinking good beer, enjoying nights out with friends… Whatever , I’m always ready for a new adventure 'cause life is what happens while you are busy making other plans ;)

See yaaaa
Ciao ciao

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"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” M. P ;)