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30 years old

Antwerp, Belgium

Mother tongue: Spanish

Destinations searched: Berlin

About Adonai

I am a Mexican young woman who lives in Belgium.
I have lived in Antwerp for five years. It is a beautiful multicultural city and there is always something interesting to do here.

I have a grey tabby cat named Kiwi. She traveled all the way from Mexico with me, although she was not very excited about the trip. She is a lovely spoiled ball of fur.
I volunteer in training school for dogs, which are instructed to assist people with a chronic illness or a disability.

My passion is traveling and learn from people of other cultures, religions and languages. I dream about becoming a nomad and see many breath - taking places around the globe.

Collecting postcards is one of my favorites hobbies and that is why I have a few pen pals from several countries. I am also interested in art and photography and I enjoy coloring books for adults and reading.

I think that to learn a language is not only grammar and vocabulary but to get involve in the culture and customs of the beautiful people from all over the world.

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I love to travel because it allows me to learn from other cultures, languages, gastronomy and from people itself. I try my best to travel two or three times per year, for at least a week at a time. I moved from Mexico to Belgium five years ago so now I am traveling around Europe but I would also love to visit other continents. I can spend hours visiting museums and art galleries and I love to eat in the local markets, food trucks on the streets or little restaurants, I am not a big fan of "tourist" food. I usually stay in hotels, however I do not spend much time on them as I prefer to explore each of the city's nooks and make the most of each journey. Almost always I travel with company but this time I am preparing myself for my first "solo" trip and staying with locals will be way better than that in a hotel. I think that having a companion in my past travels stopped me for getting to know local people and make new friends. I am eager to meet people and exchange our culture and languages!