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Jorge Inti

27 years old

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Mother tongue: Spanish

Destinations searched: Belgium, Poland, Germany

About Jorge Inti

I'm a CG Artist so I do 3d modeling for videogames and I love everything about digital art and making projects combining math, visual art and music.

I was born in Puerto Vallarta, a very touristic place in Mexico so learning english was needed and has helped me a lot through life.
I've been living in other places of Mexico the last 7 years and by now it has been only about traveling in south america. By now Im more excited about meeting new people from other diferent cultures.

Other things that I like are sports, any of them I might not be good but im always up for the challenge. I like dancing, and the taste for music isnt a problem for me I like pretty much everything, sometimes I play virtual DJ n make some mixes but only for fun such as I do while i play in videogames.

Other language(s) spoken

English :

My travel plans

Destinations searched:

Belgium, Poland, Germany

Number of travellers

1 person

Travel periods

I'm flexible, ask me

Travel context

Aiming to learn new languages and experiencing new stuff, Im also seeking people who want to talk to me about their life projects and so am I.