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35 years old

São José do Rio Preto, Brazil

Mother tongue: Portuguese

Wants to practice: English, Chinese, Japanese

Destinations searched: Japan, China, Germany

About Renan

Eu e minha esposa somos advogados, adoramos esportes e viajar para conhecer culturas novas.

I and my wife are lawyers, we love sports and traveling to meet new cultures.

Other language(s) spoken

English :

Japanese :

Chinese :

Some details about our home

To improve my language skills, I can host

2 people certain periods, ask me

My household

4 adults

My travel plans

Destinations searched:

Japan, China, Germany

Number of travellers

2 people

Travel periods

I'm flexible, ask me

Travel context

Gostamos de viajar de férias, sem compromissos. We like to travel on vacation without compromises.