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32 years old

Melle, France

Mother tongue: French

Wants to practice: English

Destinations searched: Netherlands

About Solene

I see myself like open-minded and easy-going! I've done a lot of different jobs, for moment I'm education assistant in a High school but I always worked with humans being !

I try to have a simple and respectful way of life: self production with organic garden, chickens, homemade vegetables and fruits preserves, compost toilet...

I like to spend time and have fun with friends,
Do it yourself. Go to concert, cinema, theater... Read comics ans graphic novels. Sing.
to hike , to cycle...

4 years Ago, I've traveled one year into east/south-Europe by hitchhiking with Couch-surfing, "Helpx" and WWOOF networks. It was a very amazing experience!

I enjoy traveling like a local and hosting travelers like friends! To meet people, discover others cultures, others landscapes, ways of life, working methods...And practice my English ! I 'm happy to find"talktalk bnb" because I'm afraid couch surfing is going to lost his first goal and spirit

I would like to go to Netherlands with my young sister at the end of October for a week. She has study English at university four years but never really travel so I would like to show her an authentic way to travel !

Other language(s) spoken

English :

Some details about our home

To improve my language skills, I can host

4 people certain periods, ask me

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1 adult

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2 people

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I'm flexible, ask me

Travel context

My young sister and I are planning to go to Netherlands at the end of October for a short week. We will probably come by bus from north of France to Amsterdam. I don't use to travel like a tourist and usually I spend more time to discover a country and meet locals !