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31 years old

Barcelona, Spain

Mother tongue: English

Wants to practice: Spanish

About Cassidy

I'm Cassidy. My husband and I are passionate travelers, lovers of the outdoors and good food. We are originally from Utah and have spent the last year and a half living in Barcelona, Spain where we teach English online. We look forward to meeting new people speaking Spanish and creating magical new experiences together.

Other language(s) spoken

Spanish :

Some details about our home

To improve my language skills, I can host

2 people all year

Sleeping space offered

Shared bedroom


My household

2 adults

Food preferences

I eat everything

What we like to do as a family


I can offer




Washing machine

My travel plans

Destinations searched:


Number of travellers

1 person

I can offer


Travel context

I am a traveling English teacher, currently situated in Zagreb. I have a few days off from work and I'm interested in exploring a new city in Croatia for a few days. My husband will not be able to travel with me this weekend. I will likely be out sightseeing most of the day, I would love a companion to show me around or I can go solo :)