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on Aug 31by Camille

About one month ago we reached 30,000 subscriptions. To celebrate this amazing milestone we decided to launch #ttbnbstories. This hashtag is a way for us to connect with you and share even more.

But we also wanted to showcase more of our awesome community. So each month we will introduce a fellow TalkTalker!

Meet Stephan, one of our German hosts and probably the host with the largest range of languages.

Stephan lives in a small city called Würzburg, in the north of Bavaria (lower Franconia). This beautiful city has so much to see, including the "Residenz" castle (UNESCO world heritage).

Stephan will happily host you, especially if you speak Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Croatian, Swedish or Chinese. But he can also communicate in German, English, French and Spanish. And  Esperanto will soon be added.

He has been to more than 100 countries so far and now runs a blog called Polyglott meets Wanderlust where he shares his adventures all around the world.
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From September till December, he will be touring Germany to talk about his 10-year-long "Part-time world journey" in German and English.

More information and tickets here

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