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Brazil vs Australia culture differences

on Jun 23by Camille

Brazil vs Australia culture differences

Don't touch my food 


At first glance these two countries seem similar. The drinking culture, the warm weather and relaxed attitude. There are a few big differences though which can throw even the most well prepared tourist off balance. Let’s start with food, which should never touch your hands. Always use a napkin or knife and fork, even with pizza! They love their local food and don’t have a great range of foreign food so you’re restricted to Brazilian, Italian or Japanese in most places. I’ve been having serious cravings for every other type of food since being here – mainly because I know I can’t get them.

A matter of time


Everyone seems to know about the Brazilian tendency for being late but few have figured out why late is sometimes expected and sometimes it is the worst way to start an event. I found the answer and it all lies in the type of event – though it isn’t always easy to distinguish. If it’s a normal meeting of friends you can be hours late and no one bats an eyelid. Being a foreigner you’ll probably still be the first to arrive. If it is a meeting for a purpose then you have to be on time. Someone’s birthday – be on time. Work meeting – be on time. Lunch booking – be as close to on time as possible.

The more the merrier?


As a person who likes knowing the plans (and only discovered this in Brazil) – this next one drives me crazy. If you plan to meet with a friend it is not unusual for their mum/friend/boyfriend to come along without notice. It is assumed that you will do the same and that you should know it would happen. Once my boyfriend and I went hiking. We invited one friend. The next morning he and his friend picked us up. We then proceeded to stuff the car with two more women friends of our friend’s friend. It wasn’t a peaceful hiking trip like I expected. To add to that it ended up that one of the other women was the mistress of the friend’s friend.

Secret love


Which brings the next point. Dating is different here. A lot of people cheat and a lot of people keep each other’s secret about cheating, so be careful about what you want and with who! Besides that, compliments and touching are completely normal. You will get called beautiful, and so will every other person in the room. One last confusing thing which will catch any non-Brazilians off guard – smelling is like a kiss in terms of affection level. Don’t worry - you likely don’t stink. 

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