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24 Jahre

Bangor, Vereinigtes Königreich

Muttersprache: Englisch

Gewünschte(s) Reiseziel(e): Frankreich, Kroatien, Malawi

Über Connor

From the UK. I am currently working in a marina on the south coast of England after a period of travel through Australia/New Zealand and am now looking to travel again with the aim of furthering my French language as well as gaining any other experiences that I can. I'm interested in all things outdoor and active; especially water-sport and climbing.

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Gewünschte(s) Reiseziel(e):

Frankreich, Kroatien, Malawi

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Ich bin flexibel, einfach nachfragen


I will hopefully be travelling Europe with a friend from New Zealand from July to October and am looking for somewhere in France to stay and practice language in May and/or June.