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38 Jahre

Bogotá, Kolumbien

Muttersprache: Spanisch

Gewünschte(s) Reiseziel(e): Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Melbourne, Sydney

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I'm a writer and filmmaker, I practice different sports, travel, read, go to movies, cook, teach my skills to others (cinema, photography, sports) I love animals and new cultures; my wife and I are travelers and we love to meet people.

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Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Melbourne, Sydney

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  • Vom 15 Oktober 2019 Bis zum 30 Juni 2020

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Tenemos planeado con mi esposa viajar a Canadá para practicar el idioma inglés. Nos queremos inscribir a un curso de inglés de 6 meses inicialmente y practicar con nativos de Canadá. Luego, inscribirnos en un curso vocacional para mejorar nuestras habilidades en cada una de nuestras profesiones / We are planning with my wife to travel to Canada to practice English. We want to sign up for a 6-month English course initially and practice with native Canadians. Then, enroll in a vocational course to improve our skills in each of our professions.