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José D.

35 Jahre

Manizales, Kolumbien

Muttersprache: Spanisch

Zu üben gewünschte Sprache: Italienisch, Englisch

Gewünschte(s) Reiseziel(e): Slowenien, Kroatien

Über José D.

Hello, my name is Josè David Toro, I am from Colombia, I am 30 years old and. I am a student of psychology and almost dentist.

All my life I wanted to travel to Europe and know the beautiful and magical places that were narrated in the Grimms' Fairy Tales and everything related to castles and mplaces with ancient history.

I'm finishing a course in clinical psychology in Spain and then I want to travel the world, see new places, learn new things and meet new people.

I love to get to know new cultures, try new food, know the local nature and getting to know the cities like the locals.

I love animals and nature in general! In Colombia I have two beautiful dogs and a cute cat, rescued from the street.

I am very easygoing, helpful and I always try to do my best. I studied an English year but I feel that my level is low bus and I want to improve it; I have also studied Italian by myself and I feel more comfortable speaking it.

I look forward to working with you and having a good time.

I'm going to visit Italy, Croatia and Slovenia.

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Slowenien, Kroatien

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