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31 Jahre

Illkirch-Graffenstaden, Frankreich

Muttersprache: Spanisch

Gewünschte(s) Reiseziel(e): Schweden, Umeå

Über Luisa

Hi, I'm Electronic Engineer by profession and a traveler from the heart.
I live in France 6 months ago but I am Colombian.

I have currently visited 13 countries and I want to visit many more.

I love knowing new cultures, music, dancing, cooking, photography and swimming.

I think one of the best ways to learn a language is through practice.

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Schweden, Umeå

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This time I will go to a workshop of 6 weeks for one of my projects as an engineer and i hope to take advantage to know of this beautiful country. I prefer the idea of staying in the house of local people than in any hotel in the city, because is the best way to connect with the culture and to have the best recomendations I will be more than happy to practice language or to teach about my country