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27 Jahre

Bucaramanga, Kolumbien

Muttersprache: Spanisch

Gewünschte(s) Reiseziel(e): Auckland, Perth, Vancouver

Über Jonathan

I am a fun and cheerful boy, I sing travel to discover and learn new cultures, I am very friendly and sociable. I live in Bucaramanga COLOMBIA, and in cordoba ARGENTINA, I am an industrial engineer, I love music in general,
My favorite hobby and the one I love most is playing basketball. :)
I want to make many friends and power to exchange my knowledge.
I like to cook, I am not a cheff, but I will do typical Colombian meals, and Argentine food.
I also love to dance the cheerful music of my country, I am very good dancer, I dance regaeton, vallenato, salsa.
I would like to exchange the beautiful culture of my country with the whole world, and likewise learn English and other languages

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Portugiesisch :

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Auckland, Perth, Vancouver

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Ich bin flexibel, einfach nachfragen


I usually travel for pleasure and only sometimes for work. I like to travel and discover new cultures. Most of the time you will find me strolling through museums and exhibitions. I try to travel several times a year, at least ten days at a time, and to countries that I do not yet know. I prefer the idea of staying at a local people's house than in a hotel in the city. I will be more than happy to help adults and children speak my language correctly