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Rochefort, Frankreich

Muttersprache: Französisch

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Zu üben gewünschte Sprache: Englisch

Gewünschtes Reiseziel: London

Angemeldet seit: 05/08/2017

Über Julie

35 Jahre
Mein Zuhause : 2 Erwachsene(r) / 2 Kind(er)

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Hello, my name is Julie and my husband is Ludovic, we have two children (8 years old and 5 years old).We hope welcome somebody to passtime with us and speak and exchange in English. In September I'm going to return at school. My husband is a instructor at Rochefort.

We can offer a quality of life and independence for somebody because we live in Rochefort and we have a lot of shops, library, cinema and we can go by bus or by bike. We love cooking. Free time: reading, society games, walking, swimming....To learn english it's important for us but we wish to talk every days in english.

Angaben zu meinem Zuhause

1 Person

We live at Rochefort near the center. We have traffic bus and different shop near at the city. Our home is spacious and we have a room for each person. We have a free room to welcome someone. But we share the bathroom because only one.

We have a small garden to eat and relax and play with children.

We hope welcoming somebody throughout the year.

We like sharing a good meal with the family and the friends.

We can give french lesson for you.

You are welcome at our home in Rochefort.

Mein Reiseprojekt

1 Person

1 month in March 2018

I'm going to travel for training course (stage d'etude).

I love discover new monuments and new locations.

It' s interesting to exchange with other people and I wish to learn them my language.

Zusätzlich kann ich bieten :

Cooking, look after children, speak and give French lessons.