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Kairo, Ägypten

Muttersprache: Arabisch

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Zu üben gewünschte Sprache: Spanisch, Englisch, Italienisch

Gewünschtes Reiseziel: Barcelona, Sevilla, Madrid

Angemeldet seit: 05/04/2016

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36 Jahre
Mein Zuhause : 2 Erwachsene(r) / 1 Kind(er)

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i am a simple person , like to live my life in the way that's make me happy without hurt any one , sociable person like to meet people ,like to help others even if i do not know them , my philosophy if i can help ... why not ;)like traveling, have fun, i graduated from faculty of engineering am working as marketing manger for lighting company i like that career , but actually i feel my self when i organize events that the best activity i like to do , so i decided to earn money from my work and earn happiness from my activity :)

like to be honest , like to make friends , help others as i can ;)......if you want to know more about me you can ask ;)))

my dream is travel over the world ,to know more about others cultures ,and to have friends over all the world may be i can not ,so i decided to bring all the world to me if i can not do it by traveling i think i can achieve part of my dream by hosting , and meet friends from all the world here in Egypt .so every one are most welcome :) it will be pleasure to meet you and hang out together and give some tips , advises , feel free to contact me also i like to exchange language i can teach you arabic and like to learn Italian and spanish

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i live in cairo , metro station is near of my home , private room , shared bathroom& kitchen

Mein Reiseprojekt

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i will go spain from 27th april -3rd may

enjoy every moment of travelling as a local person from the city

sleep just for hours which make u able to do next adventures

walking is the best way to discover the city

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language exchange


experiences exchange

help in cleaning