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40 Jahre

Amersfoort, Niederlande

Muttersprache: Spanisch

Zu üben gewünschte Sprache: Englisch, Spanisch

Gewünschte(s) Reiseziel(e): Frankreich, Italien, Griechenland

Über Dewi

Hi, will shorly introduce myself in English, but am a native Spanisish speaking wife and mother of a boy and a girl (6 and almost 4 year old), from Bolivia, South America. Have had different kind of jobs in, for example tourism to improve my English. Currently have my degree as a Dentist.
As family we have lived in different countries like Bolivia, Spain and currently Holland (The Netherlands), since my husband is Dutch.
We are open-minded people who like to share experiences and have different places where people could stay in Europe and Bolivia (also old house in the tropics, between the Andes and Amazon basin, where they traditionaly grow coca leaves).
We like to travel alot and sometimes think it is getting out of hands, since we don't want to stay in one place, for a long time, to live.

Well hope to get to know people, thanks to this platform and I am looking forward to meet you!

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We normally travel with the family to the campsites and like to relax in nature and as a couple we like to see new cities and countries by public transport. The favorite way of sightseeing for me is to visit museums, see the old architecture of the region and taste the culture.