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Alajuela, Costa Rica

Muttersprache: Spanisch

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Zu üben gewünschte Sprache: Englisch, Portugiesisch

Gewünschtes Reiseziel: Barcelona, Amsterdam, Brügge

Angemeldet seit: 11/12/2017

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26 Jahre
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Portugiesisch : Orange star 31414bce51fc7d43008d39979d68a9248b88200f874029252e55ec045b675a4b

I am from Costa Rica, and I am planning a trip through Europe, I wanna meet local people, and have amazing experiences, i like to learn new languages, i like to cook, paiting, drawing and all the artistics expresions, we will do an amazing match

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Costa rica is a very beautiful country, with a lot of volcanoes, mountains, forest, jungles, beaches, national parks, rivers, many things to do, you would love Costa Rica if you decide to come here

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Amsterdam 4 nights

Brujas 1 night

bruselas 2 nights

cracovia 2 nights

budapest 2 nights

praga 2 nights

vienma 2 nights

milan 2 nights

barcelona 2 nights

i am planning a trip through Europe arround 13 cities, and i am looking for a cheap trip meetimng local people

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cooking, painting, drawing, spanish and friendship